/2011 Hyundai Grandeur Official Details

2011 Hyundai Grandeur Official Details

Hyundai Grandeur at 2011 Hyundai Grandeur Official Details

Hyundai officially unveiled the latest model of the Grandeur in KDM and revealed its details and specs. The all-new Grandeur (also known  as Azera in some markets) is available with the new Lambda II 3.0 GDi V6 along with the Theta II 2.4 GDI, both offering a good compromise between power and efficiency.

The Lambda II is rated at 270 PS and maximum torque of 31.6kg•m, with fuel economy of 11.6 km/liter. The Theta II has 201 PS and 25.5kg•m of peak torque with economy of 12.8 km/liter. Both engines get a standard six-speed automatic transmission.

The new Grandeur also comes with a much improved design than its predecessor. Just like the other new Hyundais it follows the fluedic sculpture philosophy and the concept of “Grand Glide”. It’s very big and luxurious, but those curves and dynamic lines hint at its sporty soul. The Grandeur projects a sporty yet refined exterior look (overall length: 4,910mm; overall width: 1,860mm; overall height: 1,470mm). Moreover, a 2,845mm-long wheelbase — 65mm longer than the previous version — delivers the most interior room in Grandeur’s class as well as greater stability and a smoother ride.

Hyundai Grandeur 1 at 2011 Hyundai Grandeur Official Details

The “Grand Glide” styling is carried to the Grandeur’s interior, as the center console, instrument cluster and dash are integrated into a graceful design that recalls the image of expressive, expansive wings.

The list of standard safety features with the new Grandeur is bewildering and includes nine-airbag system — including a driver’s knee airbag, new seat back-structure system, plus cutting-edge chassis design that absorbs and distributes crash energy throughout the Grandeur’s body.

The new Grandeur boasts a suite of high-tech safety systems including VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control), VSM (Vehicle Stability Management), TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) and ESS (Emergency Stop Signal). Braking performance also has been significantly upgraded. It also gets Advanced Smart Cruise Control, which automatically keeps a safe distance from a car ahead and provides automatic stop and restart functions in response to traffic flow, much like the one you get in the Mercedes S-Class.

The new car also gets an array of convenience features like Smart Parking Assist System that uses a sensor to measure parallel parking spaces, controlling the steering wheel to semi-automatically park the car. With Electric Parking Brake, a simple switch replaces the traditional foot pedal or hand brake. An advanced telematics system makes the new Grandeur a connected communication and control hub, and allows owners to contact their vehicle via smart phone, with the Grandeur’s premium eight-inch navigation screen.

Other premium equipments we can mention include a wide panorama sunroof, top-quality Nappa leather seats, front and back seat warmers, high-quality suede (tricot) interior, a power driver’s seat that can be adjusted in 14 directions and a uniquely styled button-start smart key.

In Korea the new Grandeur is priced between 311.2 million won to 390.1 million won (approximately US$ 27,960 to US$ 35,049, based on today’s currency exchange rates).

Hyundai Grandeur 2 at 2011 Hyundai Grandeur Official Details

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