/Honda At 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon

Honda At 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon

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Honda announced its lineup for the 2011 Tokyo Auto Salon, starting this Friday, and if like us you were waiting for a turbo or Type-R version of the CR-Z, you are going to be disappointed! There is a new CR-Z in the lineup called the TS-1X test study model, which by the looks of thing only features a hideous body kit and some matt paint.

The other interesting cars on display will include the Sports Modulo NSX accessorized with genuine Honda and the HSV-010  Super GT racing car. That NSX will actually go on sale in Japan at the end of May. The rest of the bunch are not very interesting really! There’s a couple of motorcycles and lightly tweaked versions of the Honda’s current range.

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Honda vehicles on exhibit

<Display vehicle – test study model>
Automobiles (1 unit)
TS-1X (base model: CR-Z)

<Display vehicles – competition models>
Motorcycles (1 unit)
MotoGP: RC212V (Repsol Honda Team)

Automobiles (3 units)
Super GT: HSV-010 GT (Weider Honda Racing)
Formula Nippon: FN09
Indy Car Series: 2011 Indy Japan 300 mascot car

<Accessorized vehicles>
Motorcycles (5 units)
VT1300CX, CB1100, VT400S, PCX, FORZA

Automobiles (4 units)
Sports Modulo NSX (display vehicle accessorized with genuine Honda aftermarket parts that is scheduled to go on sale at the end of May), Modulo STEPWGN, Modulo CR-Z, Modulo Fit Hybrid

<Other display vehicles and products>
Motorcycles (1 unit)
Super Cub 50 (Love Cub 50 Project specifications)

Automobiles (3 units)
“Running Station ASICS ? Honda” Freed Spike caravan car
“Camping Station Coleman ? Honda” Freed Spike caravan car
Acty Truck (Tokyo Auto Salon special color)

Power products (2 units)
Enepo (Tokyo Auto Salon special color)
Pianta (Tokyo Auto Salon special color)

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