/Hyundai Aims To Become ‘Modern Premium’

Hyundai Aims To Become ‘Modern Premium’

hyundai slogan at Hyundai Aims To Become ‘Modern Premium’

Hyundai kinda stole the show at this year’s Detroit Motor Show by revealing the awesome Veloster, but for them this motorshow is way more than that. 2011 NAIAS marks a new era for the Korean car maker in which they are no longer a cheap second-rated manufacturer, but a ‘Modern Premium’.

Hyundai’s new slogan “New Thinking. New Possibilities” encompasses Hyundai’s new brand concept, “Modern Premium,” which aims to provide customers with emotional value and experiences beyond expectations through new thinking and new possibilities. The new brand direction also captures the spirit of change at the automaker, which has shown dramatic growth in all areas of business.

The new Veloster and also the Curb crossover are based the new attitude and are perfect examples of new Hyundai productions. They are classy, good looking, high quality, and at the same time very efficient and practical. That explains the success of Hyundai brand all over the world.

“Hyundai is not just a company that makes cars. Hyundai is a company that creates new possibilities. Our goal is not to be the biggest car company. Our goal is to be the most loved automotive company on the planet, and to be a trusted lifetime partner of our owners,” said Vice Chairman Chung.

While traditional premium is usually linked with high prices for the privileged few, Hyundai’s `Modern Premium’ concept is based on the idea that high quality does not necessarily require a high price for a limited class. Hyundai will offer high-end, high-quality values at a surprisingly attainable price and values that customers never experienced or expected. This will not be limited to just the product, but throughout Hyundai’s entire business, operations and services.

Hyundai’s new thinking and change in attitude has already been applied in various areas with proven results, such as the highly-successful `Hyundai Assurance Program’ launched in the U.S. market last year and the 2011 Sonata, which shook up the mid-size family sedan segment with its dynamic `fluidic sculpture’ designs and unrivalled powertrain package. Genesis, which won the prestigious North American Car of The Year award in 2009, also redefined luxury with its attainable price compared to its award-winning powertrain and advanced audio and convenience features.

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