/Juliani Veela – New Italian Supercar

Juliani Veela – New Italian Supercar

Juliani Veela 1 at Juliani Veela   New Italian Supercar

This is the new kid on the block trying to get a share of the bespoke supercars. It’s got three most important features every supercar needs: weird design, lots of power and Italian roots. It also has a great name, Juliani Veela. Sounds like a Mafia boss!

It is a production of Juliani Automobili and is powered by Corvette’s 6.2 liter V8 developing 520 hp. In terms of design, while at front it looks kinda dumb frankly, the side and rear views are fantastic. Specially from the side it reminds us of old TVR Cerbera.

It has a carbon composite body measuring at 4,55 m in length, 1,92 m in width and 1,24 m in height, with a wheelbase of 2.63 m. It weighs slightly less than 1.2 ton and that makes it both very fast and very good to drive. The Veela has projected performance figures of 0 to 100 Km/h in 3.4 seconds and top speed in excess of 310 km/h. The car also features rear-wheel-drive, a six-speed manual transmission, sophisticated suspension with adjustable dampers and stuff!

So it pushes the right supercar buttons, but it is very hard for a new boy to join the exclusive club. On the paper it seems like the Juliani Veela has all the right ingredients, but we have to wait for the real thing to arrive and then judge it.

As for me, I already want this car because of its awesome name!

Juliani Veela 2 at Juliani Veela   New Italian Supercar
Juliani Veela 3 at Juliani Veela   New Italian Supercar

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