/Infiniti M Hybrid Advertising Campaign Begins

Infiniti M Hybrid Advertising Campaign Begins

infiniti m ad at Infiniti M Hybrid Advertising Campaign Begins

The new Infiniti M35h, or M Hybrid in America, is possibly the best hybrid vehicle made to date because of it offers the best compromise between performance and fuel economy. Professionals realize that easily, but for ordinary people to get the picture as well Infiniti has come up with a number of cool commercials!

Let’s focus a bit more on why the M hybrid is so good. Well for starters, the car doesn’t look like a hybrid at all! I mean they all tend to make you look like a complete idiot with their gutless design and dull faces. But the Infiniti not only steers clear of that, it offers a cool an dynamic body like a proper sports sedan. It’s not the prettiest sedan mind you, but for a hybrid it’s great.

Then there’s the magnificent powertrain. It offers 360 hp combined output which is in the same league as big V8 motors of much more expensive vehicles. And it still manages an incredible 32 mpg. It offers the best of both worlds. Not to mention the car is equipped like an Infiniti which means it comes with more luxury than you ever need!

With a fully integrated campaign, Infiniti is boldly challenging consumer perception that hybrids are boring. To drive this point home, Henry Rollins, former frontman for the band Black Flag, is the voice of the campaign.

“The new Infiniti M Hybrid provides the same level of luxury and performance as the rest of our lineup and builds on the strengths Infiniti has always been known for,” said Infiniti Vice President Ben Poore. “Style, luxury and performance will always be the cornerstone of everything Infiniti does.”

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