/Madza MX-5 ’55 Le Mans Edition

Madza MX-5 ’55 Le Mans Edition

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Britain used to get all the special edition Mazda MX-5 because of the car’s wild popularity in that roadster-loving country. This one though, called the ’55 Le Mans limited edition, is for Switzerland.

This Swiss-bound MX-5 boasts Mazda’s years of motorsport heritage, their 1991 Le Mans victory in particular. That 55 in the car’s name is the actual racing number of the Le Mans winner Mazda 787. Mazda is far less active in racing nowadays, but they were the first Japanese brand to bring home a Le Mans title.

he MX-5 ‘55 Le Mans Edition features a number of upgrades to be distinguished both visually and mechanically over the standard models. It gets 160-hp 2.0 liter engine that in combination with a six-speed manual gearbox makes the MX-5 even more of a wonderful driver’s car. Add to that a limited slip differential and sport suspension with Bilstein components and you realize you can’t have more fun for less money.

Visually, the car comes in four unique colors as shown in the pictures, all featuring a bespoke commemorative stripe on the sides, sport rims, special logos and a numbered plaque.

Switzerland is not the most car friendly country in the world, but they seem to be getting the best version of the MX-5 ever!

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