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Production Singer 911 Revealed

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Porsche 911 has become a very advanced machine, an engineering marvel. But in terms of style it’s gone backward. What you need is a Porsche that goes like the modern 911 but looks like the old one.

If only such a thing existed!

Yep, that’s the idea behind the Singer 911. They took the body of a vintage 911, tweaked its design a bit, and bolted on a modern underpinning they’ve borrowed from different new models.

The Singer 911 is no mere imitation, clone or retro-hot rod, but a re-interpretation and rebirth of the early performance-focused 911’s. The new vehicle is the result of a fusion between the purity of the original 911 and modern materials, design, and updated technologies, and aftermarket experience into a unique sports car that recaptures the essence of the early 911’s golden age. The Singer 911 capitalizes on the 40 years of solutions and enhancements that have resulted from the racing aftermarket’s embracing the original 911. Borrowing the best elements from the air/oil cooled 911’s long production span such as the “chic” of the long hood pre-’74 race specials, and the engineering durability of the later cars from the 80’s and 90’s, Singer Vehicle Design capitalizes on the vast know how and evolutionary advances the original 911 has enjoyed. The experience offered by the new Singer 911 is a passionate celebration of the history making, iconic 911, and creates an enhanced sportscar that honors the original 911’s soul.

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The end result is an awesome looking car that even those who don’t like the 911 can’t resist! The Singer Design 911 features a body that although looks like it belongs to 1960s, but is actually made of carbon fiber. The unibody structure and Smart Racing suspension components, such as multi-adjustable anti-roll bars, suspension bushing that help maintain correct geometry, mean that the Singer drives brilliantly as well. They wanted to capture the handling characteristic of the vintage model but with none of the drawbacks.

A Jerry Woods Enterprises electric/hydraulic power steering system is fitted to the Singer 911 that maintains the vital 911steering feel and feedback while helping quicken the steering reactions as compared to the original ZF rack and pinion.

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As for the engine, Singer 911 gets an air/oil cooled 911 engine from the 993. Thi s3.8 liter unit also benefits from components belonging to newer 911s, for instance the 103mm pistons and cylinders, the 76.4mm crankshaft of the 997 GT3.

That’s not important. What matters is that it makes 425 hp and 340 lbs. ft. of torque sent to the rear wheels using a a nearly indestructible six-speed G50 transaxle that has been revised with a close ratio cogs, and a limited slip differential. It goes from 0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds, 0 to 100mph in 8.5 seconds, and exceeds a top speed of 170 mph.

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The Singer 911 is equipped with competition-proven Brembo calipers (4-pot) and rotors that are derived from the 917 and 930 models. The brakes will be peeking out from behind period-evoking Zuffenhaus, lightweight, five-spoke, three-piece forged aluminum wheels. The 17 x 9-inch front wheels are wrapped in sticky, modern Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires measuring 225/45/17 and the rear 17 x 11-inch wheel wears 275/40/17 rubber.

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The Singer 911 prototype is finished in vintage-appearing Singer Racing Orange. Other colors will be available to customers. In addition to the modern interpretation of the lightweight philosophy, the exterior will be updated with a uniquely designed HID headlamp arrangements that greatly improves exterior lighting.

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As for the interior, the Singer 911 features an original 911-style instrument cluster with all-new gauges set in a revised dash panel. The Singer 911 interior is not carpeted in keeping with the traditional feel of the spartan race-focused 911’s (R, ST, and RSR) but will be trimmed in supple dark racing green leather. Thin, lightweight but effective sound deadening measures controls interior noise while still maintaining the aural persona of the early 911’s. A re-engineered vintage 911 Recaro seat uses structural carbon fiber in addition to offering fully electric operation and premium leather surface covering.

Finally, no vintage, performance focused interior would be complete without a MOMO steering wheel and the Singer 911 features a new interpretation of the company’s classic ‘Monza’ wheel.

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