/KTM X-Bow R Details

KTM X-Bow R Details

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Now that you can buy Atom V8s and BAC Mono track cars, KTM comes with the R version of their big boy’s toy X-Bow to keep up.

The revised KTM X-Bow R is more stiffer and sportier than the previous model. They have in fact changed whatever they could to make it better. And it really is better. But you might still have a really hard time justifying its price tag of 58,795 euro. For that kind of money you can buy track cars that can also be used on the road, not like the X-Bow which is just a track-day funster.

That said, if you really want to have fun track days, quite a few machines can provide with so much joy as the X-Bow. In the R the 2.0 liter Audi TFSI engine makes 300 PS and 400 Nm of torque, which doesn’t sound like much. But it is actually an awful lot given the extremely light weight of that cool body – which looks like a lizard of some kind – and its integrated chassis. The X-Bow is also lower to the ground and that helps with the acceleration and handling. KTM says it can generate 1.5 g in fast corners.

So yes, it is an expensive toy. But the thing is, people who are after better value and best price will never even consider buying something as crazy as this! Those who buy the X-Bow, they sure as hell don’t care about the price.

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