/Bloodhound Signs Cisco As Networking and Video Partner

Bloodhound Signs Cisco As Networking and Video Partner

BLOODHOUND front dynamic at Bloodhound Signs Cisco As Networking and Video Partner

BLOODHOUND SSC 1000-mph project is well underway. After signing Rolex as the official time partner, they have no signed Cisco as the networking and video partner.

Part of the BLOODHOUND project, as you may know, is an education initiative. Cisco is going to help chronicling the whole project for that purpose by  relaying data, images and interviews from the remote South African desert into homes and schools worldwide. The features include behind the scenes video as well.

Cisco also provides the project with connectivity for The BLOODHOUND Technical Centre, the Project’s borderless office based in Bristol.

Emma Roffey, Director of Marketing and Communications for Cisco said, “BLOODHOUND is a once in a lifetime engineering adventure that embodies many of our values – the sharing of ideas, bringing people together and using innovation to inspire. We are delighted to be powering Cisco BHTV as it gives the BLOODHOUND project an exciting new way to reach its audience around the world, while our team here are excited to provide communications connectivity in the South African desert conditions. In BLOODHOUND we have a partner who recognises the power and scale of network technologies to power critical video components of their global engineering and education project.”

Project Director Richard Noble added, “The key to BLOODHOUND is our unique ability to share every stage of this Project: from the early stages of design through to the drama of supersonic runs, every step we take and all the data we generate will be made public. No one else can do this and it is key to our ability to bring science, technology, engineering and mathematics to life in the most exciting way possible, for students of all ages, around the world. With Cisco joining the team, we have the Networking and Video Partner we need to realise this ambition.”

And for those you might not know about the car, it’s a 12.8m long, 133,000thp prototype sporting a Falcon hybrid rocket, EJ 200 Eurofighter jet and a Cosworth F1 engine. It’s being designed and developed with one purpose in mind: To break the 1000-mph land speed record.

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