/2012 Honda Civic – New Details and Video

2012 Honda Civic – New Details and Video

2012 civic at 2012 Honda Civic   New Details and Video

A while back Honda released the initial details of the all-new Civic, to be revealed at 2011 IAA show. Now there’s more technical info available, but still no image of the actual car.

This time Honda tells us about the the i-DTEC engine and the Civics low emissions technology. Thanks to this technology and a range of aerodynamic improvements in the new model, Honda says the 2.2 liter DTEC unit makes 150PS while emitting only 110g/km of CO2.

2012 Honda Civic will reach European showrooms in early 2012.

A thorough analysis of the engines performance resulted in a number of improvements. The oil flow through the engine has been carefully managed to reduce circulation loss, while the build materials have been revised to reduce friction in the moving parts. All models fitted with a manual gearbox also benefit from Idle Stop technology which achieves a 5g/km reduction in CO2 emissions.

Careful attention has been paid to every aspect of the new Civics design with focus on refining the aerodynamics through extensive wind tunnel testing to reduce drag and improve high speed stability.

To achieve a good CO2 figure, you need to optimise every aspect of the car, says Katsushi Watanabe, Development Leader for the engine. Reducing the emissions was our key target and were proud to say that we have achieved this without compromising the high performance character of the engine. We want our customers to have fun when they drive this car.

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