/Shelby SuperCars Launches SSC Asia

Shelby SuperCars Launches SSC Asia

SSC Asia 1 at Shelby SuperCars Launches SSC Asia

Shelby Supercars is quite busy these days. After coming up with a terrible name for their new supercar, the Tuatara, they went to China to announce SSC Asia, their distributor in the old continent.

Apart from the stupid name, the Tuatara is a fabulous car. The car is yet to prove it’s faster than the Bugatti Veyron SuperSport, but styling-wise, we think it’s even fancier than the Bugga! SSC should thank former Ferrari designer Jason Castriota for this. He managed to turn the ugly Ultimate Aero into this magnificent machine.

Can’t wait for a head to head battle between this and the Bugatti.

“Announcing our products here in Shanghai for the Asia region is yet another one of those dreams realized for SSC,” said Jerod Shelby, Founder and CEO of Shelby SuperCars.

“We’ve received overwhelmingly positive reception here in China on the brand and the car. It’s very exciting,” stated Don Xu, President of SSC Asia.

Jason Castriota, designer of Ferrari’s P4/5 Pininfarina, Maserati’s Birdcage and most recently the SSC Tuatara, attended the event and answered media questions alongside Jerod Shelby, SSC Asia President Don Xu, and SSC Asia Co?Founder Jason He. Mr. He was the official Emcee of the event, while Mr. Xu announced SSC’s newest partnership and unveiled the Tuatara.

“We will witness a masterpiece. It’s faster, safer, and more luxurious, bringing more driving pleasure,” said Mr. He.

SSC Asia 2 at Shelby SuperCars Launches SSC Asia

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