/Camaro ZL1 Set 7:41 Nurburgring Record

Camaro ZL1 Set 7:41 Nurburgring Record

2012 Camaro ZL1 037 at Camaro ZL1 Set 7:41 Nurburgring Record

Much like Lexus, GM takes to Twitter to announce that Chevy Camaro ZL1 has set a 7:41.27 lap record around the Nurburgring.

That is not some kind of record or anything, it’s just something to give you an idea how the car’s 580 hp work. That time is faster than the Corvette ZO6 but a whopping 22 seconds slower than the ZR1 ‘Vette.

You know what, this Nurburgring malarkey is getting a bit boring. I mean if you have a car that’s faster than your mate’s around the ‘Ring, are you going to boast about it? “Buddy my ride is faster than yours round the Nurburgringgggg!” That is so uncool.

Of course the faster a car goes around the Green Hell the better, as it means it is a better performing car than its rivals. But because it’s become a competition between car makers they might sacrifice many things while developing the car to get the shortest time possible.

So just because a car is fast at Nurburgring it doesn’t mean it’s a great car. In ZL1’s case, this record is nothing astonishing, but a fairly good one. This must mean the ZL1 offers a good compromise between performance, and comfort and convenience.

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