/Vygor Opera Revealed

Vygor Opera Revealed

Vygor Opera 1 at Vygor Opera Revealed

Following the first teaser last week, the Vygor Opera SUV Coupe GT thingy has been unveiled.

And, well, do we even have to stress how awful it looks?

Obviously, they wanted to come up with something new. So somebody at the office must have said, I know, nobody has ever made a high-riding coupe, let’s make one! So they designed a sports coupe, fairly badly, and then jacked it up.

From front it looks like a vicious insect from the amazon rain forest, and from the back, it looks like aliens.

Facts known so far about the Vygor are that it features a tubular chassis, will have an engine with output of 300 to 400 hp, weighs no more than 1,500 kg, comes with independent suspension and 18 to 22-inch wheels, and a customizable interior full of leather.

Vygor has not revealed the prices and tech specs yet, but says the Opera’s production is limited to 150 units.

Vygor Opera 3 at Vygor Opera Revealed
Vygor Opera 4 at Vygor Opera Revealed
Vygor Opera 5 at Vygor Opera Revealed
Vygor Opera 6 at Vygor Opera Revealed

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