/Camaro ZL1 Aerodynamic Testing – Video

Camaro ZL1 Aerodynamic Testing – Video

zl1 windtunnel at Camaro ZL1 Aerodynamic Testing   Video

Here’s another reason to believe the new Camaro ZL1 is a downright serious sports car. Chevy engineers have spent over a 100 hours in the wind tunnel fine tuning the car’s aerodynamic for maximum downforce. That’ll make it better at the track.

What is slightly bothering us is thinking that Chevy might overdo it with the ZL1. We do love to drive a poised, precise and well-engineered car as much as the next guy, but the ZL1 should be, before anything else, a true muscle car. And muscle cars are not about going round the corner 0.0006 of a second faster than that next guy we were talking about. Muscle cars’ defining character is redneck muscle! And the hell with handling and lap times.

With all the effort Chevrolet is putting into creating a flawless car with the ZL1, we suspect it’s going to lose some of its fun, some of its charm. We hope we’re wrong, but…

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