/Honda CR-Z Type-R Finally Coming?

Honda CR-Z Type-R Finally Coming?

Honda CR Z Mugen at Honda CR Z Type R Finally Coming?

Honda is reluctant to admit they ruined CR-Z’s amazing design by giving it only 120 hp. But they have shown their interest in a more powerful version of the car with a couple of Mugen Concepts.

But they were adamant those concepts will never be produced. Those cars in fact were designed to pave the road for a Type-R CR-Z. And it seems that it’s finally on its way.

A magazine close to Honda has revealed that the hotted-up CR-Z has been given the nudge from the top brass. As for the technicalities, the car will get the same hybrid  powertrain with the electric motor intact, but the internal combustion engine supercharged. The output will be close to 200 bhp which is still nothing to brag about, but a damn sight better than 120.

As it’s the case with Type-R Hondas, it’ll also get beefed up suspension, bigger wheels and brakes, and a body kit as well as some interior tweaks.

Now if you are thinking what is the point of a sporty eco car, it is actually brilliant because even if you drive like a complete maniac, it’ll still be like 50 percent more economical than a normal petrol powered car. So your fun lasts longer!

via: Vtec.net

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