/SSC Tuatara Interior Revealed – Video

SSC Tuatara Interior Revealed – Video

tuatara interior3 at SSC Tuatara Interior Revealed   Video

On the occasion of revealing the car at Dubai Motor Show, Shelby SuperCars released the first images of the Tuatara’s interior. It looks fancy.

With a body that amazing, they couldn’t go for an ordinary cabin, could they. So they’ve come up with something akin to the cockpit of a spaceship.

Instead of a traditional gauge cluster, you get a glass screen that is lit up by Pico projectors behind it like a Head Up Display unit. 2 smaller HUD displays, are located on each side of the steering column; their design inspired by the Tuatara’s rear winglets. The right one shows the current gear of the car and has shift indicators as well, while the left one will show vital info to the driver. They are of course programmable via the computer in the center console.

Going for a ride in Tuatara will be just as exciting as driving it, as the passenger gets 2 small auxiliary screens that provide the co-pilot information like speed, RPM, or even the amount of G the car is pulling.

As mentioned there is a large touchscreen computer in the center console, and there are three red buttons to its left side for controlling stuff like traction control and driving modes. The starter button is also a red glowing obect on the steering column. And those holes on the top of the dashboard, they are not just for showing off, they’re the vents for the air conditioning system.

The central AC vents are inspired by the Tuatara’s twin central exhausts. The side AC vents are inspired by the 4 rocket exhaust design found on the Space Shuttles.

The Tuatara also gets two-tone interior color and a premium sound system. If I were a Bugatti Veyron SuperSport I’d be feeling worried by now. This American hyper car has everything it needs to challenge the Bugga.

tuatara interior1 at SSC Tuatara Interior Revealed   Video
tuatara interior2 at SSC Tuatara Interior Revealed   Video

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