/Corvette ZR1 Review by The Smoking Tire

Corvette ZR1 Review by The Smoking Tire

 at Corvette ZR1 Review by The Smoking Tire

Smocking Tires’ Matt Farah takes a 620-hp Corvette ZR1 to the Mojave Mile in his quest to hit 180mph. He didn’t manage to accomplish that goal, but he brought to us an honest review of the car. The ZR1 is considered one of the ultimate American supercars, and it’s certainly got enough power and speed to back it up. But what’s it like to live it everyday. Well, as Matt finds out, not very nice. You might think then it’s a supercar, who cares. But riding into the equation is the giant slayer Nissan GTR. It manages to be even faster without having any of the ‘Vette’s drawbacks. But then the Corvette is a lot more fun to drive… got a bit complicated, hasn’t it!

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This video has apparently sparked fury over at Matt’s website. So if you wanna join the conversation head over to thesmokingtires.

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