/F&M Evantra Revealed

F&M Evantra Revealed

FM Evantra 1 at F&M Evantra Revealed

What was teased as F&M Mugello is now revealed by Faralli & Mazzanti as the Evantra, a handmade Italian supercar with extremely limited production numbers.

The Evantra is an exquisite looking thing. It”s got everything a proper Italian exotica needs: a superb name, awesome looks, massive power and of course, fancy doors.

The best part of it is of course the looks, which is just fantastic. It is kinda retro, but has modern elements, such as LED front and taillights. There’s not a single angle from which this car looks anything but spectacular. We especially like its excessive aggressiveness!

It is also very light, weighing around 1,200 kg, which means its 600 hp turbo engine which is by the way mounted right in the middle of the car, can take the Evantra from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds. F&M apparently offers a 400 hp version as well.

F&M can made this car from carbon fiber or aluminum based on the customer’s request. Speaking of customers, they are going to be very special because F&M only make 5 units of the Evantra each year, each for an undisclosed price which is certainly above 300,000 Euro.

F&M Evantra is one of the greatest and most desirable cars we’ve seen in all of 2011. We’re looking forward to hear more from F&M.

FM Evantra 2 at F&M Evantra Revealed
FM Evantra 3 at F&M Evantra Revealed
FM Evantra 4 at F&M Evantra Revealed
FM Evantra 5 at F&M Evantra Revealed
FM Evantra 6 at F&M Evantra Revealed
FM Evantra 7 at F&M Evantra Revealed

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