/Study: Men More Obsessed With Cars Than Girlfriends

Study: Men More Obsessed With Cars Than Girlfriends

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Peugeot UK conduced a research on male obsession with cars and found out it’s even stronger than their obsession with their life partners!

According to this report, British men are more interested in spending time behind the wheel and under a bonnet than, you know, in bed with their girlfriends, or as Peugeot delicately put it: Brits are more concerned with wheels than heels.

The most important fact however is that 50% of men find their partner more difficult to maintain than their car, which is true. You car would rarely have a period, it won’t get jealous, it doesn’t talk all the time, it doesn’t tell you stop smoking, and all you have to buy it is some petrol or diesel time to time!

The only fact that is slightly pathetic is that 1 in 10 guys confessed to being more captivated with their cars’ alluring curves than their partners. A car can be extremely pretty, granted, but you can’t make love to it. Who gets turned on by looking at a car?!

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The Peugeot ‘RCZ Study’ also found that gents can lavish more love and attention on their cars than their girlfriends, with men being three times happier spending cash on their car rather than their partner. Nearly a quarter of those surveyed in the West Midlands, spend more money on their cars than their partners (24%), closely followed by a fifth of those in Northern Ireland (20%). Overall, it appears men and women are harbouring a much bigger love for their motors than we may have realised:

  • 50% of men admit they find their partner is more difficult to maintain than their car
  • 17% of Brits spend more on their car than their other half
  • 13% of respondents have been with their car longer than their partner
  • 14% of people think a sporty car will help them get the girl or boy of their dreams
  • Millions of us potentially spend more time with our cars than our partners (9% of the population in fact) and 8% of us would choose our car over our partner

Regional car lovers
The Peugeot ‘RCZ Study’ also sheds light on some interesting regional differences across the UK. More than half of people in the South East and West Midlands think their partner is more difficult to maintain than their car, (51%). Respondents in these regions also appear to be much happier spending time on their cars than their partner (19% in the South East and 16% in the West Midlands) and they are most likely to view their cars as the greatest symbol of success.

  • 17% of people in Yorkshire and the Humber think their car is better looking than their partner, followed by 14% in Wales
  • 15% of people in the West Midlands are most proud of showing off their car to friends and family rather than their partner, and they spend the most time admiring their cars (13%)
  • 13% of people in Wales spend more time with their car than their partner
  • Londoners would be more upset if their car was stolen than if they were dumped by their partner (15%) followed by people in Northern Ireland (14%)
  • People in the East Midlands are least likely to talk about their car with their friends vs those in the West Midlands who would discuss their car (15%)

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