/2013 Ford Fusion/Mondeo Unveiled

2013 Ford Fusion/Mondeo Unveiled

2013 Ford Fusion 1 at 2013 Ford Fusion/Mondeo Unveiled

At 2012 Detroit Motor Show Ford unveiled the all-new 2013 Fusion, what you will be getting in Europe as the new Mondeo.

As always, the Mondeo/Fusion offers a wide range of options, many powertrains to choose from, and lots and lots of value, all in a nice, rather understated package. Only now it looks more daring and sporty.

With the new model a great deal emphasize has been put on the fuel economy and emissions. That’s why it comes as gasoline, hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions. Europe will also be getting diesels. It comes with a pair of EcoBoost four-cylinder engines, a normally aspirated four-cylinder engine, an automatic start stop system to shut off the engine at stationary idle, front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive applications, and a choice between automatic and manually shifted six-speed transmissions.

If you want some numbers now, the 1.6-liter EcoBoost is expected to deliver best-in-class four-cylinder non-hybrid fuel efficiency of 26 mpg in the city and 37 mpg on the highway. The 2.0 liter version does a bit worse, but it’s more fun to drive.

2013 Ford Fusion 2 at 2013 Ford Fusion/Mondeo Unveiled

Being a product of 2012, the new Fusion is packed with the latest safety features and what not, some of them including Lane Keeping System, Adaptive cruise control, Active park assist, and Blind Spot Information System.

It is also very up to date in terms of convenience features, with stuff like the latest iteration of Ford’s SYNC featuring voice-activated communication through a driver’s mobile phone and interaction with the car’s audio system, and the latest version of MyFord Touch infotainment system.

2013 Ford Fusion 3 at 2013 Ford Fusion/Mondeo Unveiled

The fancy new exterior of the Fusion is backed by a sporty, driver-oriented interior. It features a higher center console supports the driver-centric theme and yields clever storage for items a driver wants to keep handy. It hasn’t forgot that first and foremost it’s a family saloon.

Ford also promises a greater build quality for the new Fusion. Interior surfaces are softer to the touch and interior and exterior gaps are minimized, while extra care has been taken to upholster or cover each edge and every surface a customer can touch. When the trunk lid is opened, for example, a spring-loaded cover automatically conceals the trunk latch hardware.

The Fusion/Mondeo has always been one of the best choices in the mid-size sedan market, offering what the Germans offer at a lower price. It still is one of the very best.

2013 Ford Fusion 4 at 2013 Ford Fusion/Mondeo Unveiled
2013 Ford Fusion 5 at 2013 Ford Fusion/Mondeo Unveiled
2013 Ford Fusion 6 at 2013 Ford Fusion/Mondeo Unveiled

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