/Jay Leno Reviews Hennessey Venom GT

Jay Leno Reviews Hennessey Venom GT

venom leno at Jay Leno Reviews Hennessey Venom GT

John Hennessey brings his latest 1,200hp Venom GT to Jay Leno’s Garage for a review and test drive. We were quite keen actually to hear Jay’s verdict on the car. You see, the Venom is, pretty much, as fast as a Veyron – save the top speed – and it’ll probably beat the Bugga in a race round a twisty race track, because of its weight and Lotus connections. But it also costs pretty much the same as a normal Veyron, and, well, it’s hard to choose a car made by a tuner from various bits of other cars, instead of what’s quite literally the best car in the whole of human history.

Perhaps the answer is to get them both!

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