/Best 2012 Super Bowl Car Commercials: Videos

Best 2012 Super Bowl Car Commercials: Videos

super bowl car commercials at Best 2012 Super Bowl Car Commercials: Videos

We do realize you guys are a bit lazy and probably don’t like rummaging through our old posts to find the 2012 Super Bowl car commercials we’ve featured. So we went ahead and compiled one big post with the best of them for your viewing pleasure. Watch them and let us know which one’s your favorite (and don’t let Adriana Lima’s slammin’ body affect your decision!).

Let’s begin with the latest ad released on the big game night without any teaser. It’s the Chrysler’s ad featuring Clint Eastwood. We think this one was the most inspiring commercial this year:

Acura this year aired its first-ever Super Bowl ad, and it was bloody awesome. It publicized the new NSX, probably the most important car in the brand’s history, so they went big and hired Seinfeld and Leno for the job. This could be voted as the best 2012 commercial:

Volkswagen did not enjoy the best of success with their 2012 ad. Given the success of their 2011 campaign with the Vader kid, we thought they’d blow us up this year, but their ad promoting the new Beetle was quite average. However, they saved it with a twist:

Audi apparently wanted something cool and trendy that people like. So they looked around and realized American public are huge fans of vampires. And they are actually. But they like sexy vampires like those Twilight kids. Audi’s vampires in this ad are so very good. Still, this one was quite popular:

Honda this year came up with a genuinely good idea to promote the new CR-V. Their ad is a remake of ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ but in this Matthew Broderick plays himself. It’s like a short movie this ad:

Chevrolet didn’t put much effort into this year’s Super Bowl campaign, at least not for the Camaro. They called up on enthusiasts to make clips and sent them over. This one called ‘Happy grad’ was voted the winner:

Cadillac didn’t follow most other brands in making funny commercials. They went for something serious, maybe even too serious. Their ad is about the new ATS and the best part of it is when they tell you go to hell – the Green Hell, that is – if you are a non-believer:

Chevrolet Silverado ad, to be honest, was a bit depressing! It takes advantage of  2012 Mayan Apocalypse to promote the pickup truck, telling you it’s the only way to survive. Their hit at Ford in this ad is hilarious though:

Abarth, now available in America, wanted a piece of Super Bowl cake but they didn’t have time to put together something new. So they just aired their popular ‘Seduction’ ad once again. That’s fine by us!

Hyundai came up this year with five commercials, but this one is our pick. It features Rocky theme song played in a unique way:

And the ad you’ve been waiting for! Kia this year just went mad and summoned a dream team just to promote the Optima. Adriana Lima, Chuck Liddell and Motley Crue are the ingredients of this fabulous ad. This is most people’s favorite 2012 Super Bowl ad:

Toyota also did a good job this year with their big game ad. It’s about the reinvention of the Camry, and it has some very odd scenes. But that’s what makes it interesting:

We also quite liked Suzuki Kizashi ad with that friendly-looking Eskimo. We just can’t figure out why they used a 50 Cent soundtrack. He’s probably the least Suzuki-ish person you can think of!

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