/Camaro ZL1 Online Configurator Launched

Camaro ZL1 Online Configurator Launched

ZL1 customizer at Camaro ZL1 Online Configurator Launched

Boring weekend? how about building the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 of your dreams?

You not have the money to buy this yet, but you can still have some fun speccing up one using Chevy’s online customizer. Like all well-designed configurators, this tool allows you to choose all kinda stuff like color, and wheels, and accessories, and what have you, but it also has a neat feature we liked a lot.

The configurator can not only tell you the exact price of customized car, it can also tell how may matching cars are there in your area. It works based on your zip code. So you can avoid building the exact same Camaro as your neighbors. Or you can deliberately do that to annoy them!

Regardless of the visuals, each Camaro ZL1 sports a magnificent 580hp supercahrged V8 engine. It could have the market all to itself, if it weren’t for the new 650hp Shelby GT500. But hey, such is life.

Click Here for Camaro ZL1 Customizer

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