/Morgan Plus 8 Review by EVO

Morgan Plus 8 Review by EVO

Morgan Plus 8 at Morgan Plus 8 Review by EVO

If you want a modernized Morgan (sort of) you get the Aero 8. If you want a proper Morgan, you get the Plus 8.

The retro looking beast boasts a 362bhp BMW V8 and an aluminum chassis, pretty much the same setup as the Aero8. So it’s fast, very. This is the car for real Morgan fans. Those who don’t mind spending Porsche 911 money on a car that is reluctant to move on from its 1960’s characteristics.

Check out EVO’s Roger Green putting the British sportscar through its paces:

We wish we were one of those Morgan fans, because the Plus 8 dishes out plenty of good old fun when the mood takes you, and you are on an astonishing piece of road like the Welsh countryside. It’s just the looks that stop us from loving this car.

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