/2013 Hyundai Genesis Video Review

2013 Hyundai Genesis Video Review

Hyundai Genesis Coupe at 2013 Hyundai Genesis Video Review

Now that you watched the new Subaru BRZ in action, check out another sports car that’s recently been down to Edmunds for evaluation. It’s the new 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe, the 3.8 liter model with 350 hp. The 2.0 liter version of this car is closer to the BRZ as a rival, but apart from the engine the two versions of the Geni coupe are similar. So this should be interesting.

In this video Mike Monticell gives you a tour of the car.

Both Hyundai Genesis Coupe engines receive significant technology upgrades, backing up its new design statement with impressive performance gains. The 3.8-liter Lambda DOHC V6 engine adds sophisticated direct-injection technology, adding 42 horsepower (a generous 14 percent increase) and 29 lb.-ft of torque (an eleven percent increase). Peak horsepower rises to 348 at 6,400 RPM, with peak torque increasing to 295 lb.-ft. at 5,300 RPM on premium fuel. In addition, lambda-engine anti-knock technology gives this V6 the versatility to run on regular fuel. This new direct-injected engine will easily propel the Genesis Coupe from zero to 60 mph in the lower five-second range on its way to an impressive 149 mph electronically-limited top speed. The Lambda V6 intake system also now employs an intake sound induction pipe into the cabin to ensure this engine’s aural character matches its visceral appeal.

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