/Geneva 2012: Renault ZOE Electric

Geneva 2012: Renault ZOE Electric

Renault ZOE Electric 1 at Geneva 2012: Renault ZOE Electric

Even though it looks like a concept car, this is the actual production version of the 2013 Renault ZOE hatchback you will be able to buy very soon for as little as 15,700 Euro. Looking at the specs of the ZOE you can’t help but think it has set its sight on the Nissan LEAF. It’s cheaper, and less ugly. It’s a formidable rival for the LEAF.

The ZOE looks less weird than the LEAF, but it’s still an ugly bugger. It begs the question, why are all mainstream electric cars so ugly? What is it that stops the designers from coming up a nice looking EV. More people would be attracted to these green machines if they weren’t so horrid to look at.

According to Renault, the electric powertrain in the ZOE provides a range of 210 Km in the absolute ideal condition. Realistically though, you can expect a range of between 100 to 150 Km, depending to your driving style and the weather.

In case you ran out of electricity, the ZOE takes 30 minutes to get charged up to a semi-full level, and a good 9 hours for a complete recharge through a household socket. The cost of leasing the battery starts from €79/month (price for a 36-month contract and a distance travelled of 12,500km/year), inclusive of comprehensive breakdown assistance (which covers flat batteries).

Renault ZOE Electric 2 at Geneva 2012: Renault ZOE Electric
Renault ZOE Electric 3 at Geneva 2012: Renault ZOE Electric

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