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GTA Spano Finally Coming

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GTA Spano first popped up on the radar back in 2009, poised to be the world’s first proper Spanish supercar. Then it went quiet for a few years, and now it’s back promising a limited produciton run of 99 units, and a 2013 launch. They delivered the news at this year’s Geneva Motor Show where they unveiled the final produciton version, which is no different than the 2009 concept.

It’s a good thing the Spano hasn’t changed, because the initial specs were perfect. The car’s got an 8.3 liter V10 engine with no efficiency system nonsense fitted to it. Instead, it has a supercharger, and that means  it makes 820hp and 960Nm of torque.

Because the Spano is made from a blend of carbon Kevlar and titanium bits, it weighs only 1350 kg. So it’s fast, properly fast. 0 to 100 km/h in this Spanish supercar takes 2.9 seconds and flat-out it’ll do 350+ km/h.

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The power is transmitted to the rear wheels via a seven-speed sequential gearbox. The only concern is the handling. Sure, the Spano has all the fancy suspension geometry every modern super car has, and it’s got good brakes, active aerodynamics and electronic controlling systems, but you have to get it down to the track to see id it works.

One brilliant thing about the Spano is the attention to the practicality. The car has ride height adjustment to make it easy going over the speed bumps, it’s got loads of equipments and amenities, and it’s even got two boots; a 100-litre front one and a 200-litre rear one. Fantastic!

There’s no word on the pricing yet, but it takes no genius to say it’s gonna be bloody expensive.

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GTA Spano details and specs:


  • Sport seats
  • Electronically-regulating seats, with a heating and refrigeration system
  • Leather trimmings with GTA anagrams
  • ABS
  • Wheel-driving control
  • An active suspension control system that programmes the height of suspension
  • Electronic system with powerful control
  • Exclusive digital dashboard
  • Xenon
  • Navigator
  • CD charger with MP3
  • iPod Connection
  • Bluetooh
  • Electronically-regulating windows
  • Air conditioning
  • 19″ wheels at the front and 20″ at the rear
  • Exclusively designed 255/35 tyres at the front and 335/30 at the rear
  • Carbon ceramic manufactured AP Racing brakes system with 6 piston callipers
  • Self-regulation rear wing
  • LED Technology
  • Electrically-regulated exterior rear view
  • Steering wheel with three carbon-made spokes
  • Central locking
  • Electrical handbrake
  • Glass roof with patented lighting and opaqueness system
  • Electrical sun visors
  • Angular camera for parking manoeuvres
  • Laminated windscreen and non-frost glass
  • Anti-theft alarm and GPS location system
  • Central locking with distance control
  • Remote-controlled boot opening
  • Reverse boot-opening trunk that makes placing luggage inside easier
  • Exclusively designed suitcases with personalised GTA anagrams

Technical data

    • Position: Central rear longitudinal
    • Number of cylinders: V10, supercharged
    • Displacement: 8,300 cm3
    • Maximum power: 820 hp @ 6300 rpm
    • Torque: 960 Nm
    • Structural monocoque made from titanium honeycomb, carbon fibre and Kevlar
    • Carbon fibre bodywork
    • Weight: 1350 kg
    • Fuel tank capacity: 100 l
    • Boot
      • front: 100 l
      • rear: 200 l
    • Length: 4.60 m
    • Width: 1.98 m
    • Height: 1.18 m
    • Wheelbase: 2.80 m
    • Traction: Rear wheel drive
    • Gearbox: sequential 7-speed with paddle shift (automatic or manual mode)
    • Double wishbone configuration
    • Wheels
      • front: 19×9,5
      • rear: 20×12
    • Tyres: Pirelli P Zero
      • front: 255/35 ZR19
      • rear: 335/30 ZR20
    • Multi-self-adjusting shock absorbers
    • Electrical vehicle height adjustment
    • Electronically-regulated wing
    • AP Racing Carbon-ceramic brake system
    • Forced ventilation system
    • A 6-piston calliper
    • ABS system
    • Top Speed: over 350 km/h
    • 0-100 km/h: 2.9 seconds
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