/Hyundai Announces 1.2-liter Four-Cylinder Turbo Engine

Hyundai Announces 1.2-liter Four-Cylinder Turbo Engine

Hyundai i20 at Hyundai Announces 1.2 liter Four Cylinder Turbo Engine

In order to keep up with all the other mainstream car makers that offer at least one microscopic engine in their range, Hyundai announced launch of a new 1.2 liter four-cylinder unit, boosted with a tiny turbocharger. The engine suits the Korean manufacturer’s small car i20 pretty well, but reports suggest they are going to put it in the bigger i30 as well.

That doesn’t sound right, because unless this turbo four engine is witchcraft it’s not likely to pump out more than 80-90 hp. And that’s not enough move a car like the i30 around. Even the 2.0 liter units are slow in that car, so a 1.2 will be absolute rubbish.

It does fit the i20 though. No body buys the i20 expecting it to be agile anyway. It’s a microcar for pottering around town and doing light shopping. So that’s alright. Here the new engine’s excellent fuel economy and less than 100 grams of CO2 per kilometer are its winning cards.

Hyundai has not yet announced an y performance figures for this new powerplant.

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