/Showdown: Camaro ZL1 vs Mustang Boss 302

Showdown: Camaro ZL1 vs Mustang Boss 302

ZL1 vs Boss302 at Showdown: Camaro ZL1 vs Mustang Boss 302

I know, I know. What you want to see is Camaro ZL1 taking on the Shelby GT500, the new 650hp one. But that is not yet available. So as a sort of warm up for the big battle, MotorTrend decided to pit the ZL1 against the finest Mustang currently available, the Boss 302 Laguna Seca.

Granted, it’s not really a fair challenge. The Camaro has 580hp, the Mustang 444hp. But this Boss has the best tuned chassis and suspension ever fitted to any Mustang. It can use its power, and that means it’s not a complete loser against the big mighty Camaro. A lap of Inde Motorsports Ranch will reveal which one of these fine ponies is the king of the hill.

It’s sort of predictable, but still, it’s a helluva tease for the actual showdown between the ZL1 and the GT500.

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