/Chris Harris Reviews Renault Twizy

Chris Harris Reviews Renault Twizy

Harris in Twizy at Chris Harris Reviews Renault Twizy

This week’s Drive show with Chris Harris is a bit of a brake from the norm. We are used to see Chris only in the big, fast, slidey stuff. This time, he’s in a Renault Twizy. As ridiculous a car like this looks, there’s not getting away from the fact that scooter-like electric vehicles will make a large part of the future city cars. We don’t like them, but the consolation is cars like the Twizy will save up petrol for sports cars by getting people who just want a runabout out of normal cars.

Chris tries to get a bit lairy with the Twizy, trying to get it to oversteer, but to no avail. It’s not a good sport this Renault.

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