/Lexus Celebrates 1 Millionth Facebook Fan… with Seeds!

Lexus Celebrates 1 Millionth Facebook Fan… with Seeds!

lexus fan seeds at Lexus Celebrates 1 Millionth Facebook Fan... with Seeds!

Lexus recently passed 1 million Facebook fan milestone, and thought it’s kinda of a big woop. So they sat and brainstormed on how to celebrate the bugger. They dismissed the idea of putting the pictures of the fans on one of their cars, because it’s such a terrible cliche. They also dismissed the idea of giving away an LFA, because it was too expensive. At the end they came up with a plan that kinda says a lot about the cars they make and the fans they have.

Lexus decided to to plant 1,000,000 seeds. It’s a helluva lot cheaper than giving away an LFA, and it’s also a nice environmental gesture that looks good in the press. They have given these seeds to the dealerships across the U.S. You will go and get these Lexus fan seeds, plant them, water them daily as instructed on the card, and… well… feel happy that you contributed to the environment by being a Lexus fans.


Lexus could have just released a video of an LFA drifting. That’d make the fans much happier.

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