/New Peugeot 208 Ad Appeals To Your Manhood!

New Peugeot 208 Ad Appeals To Your Manhood!

peugeot 208 ad at New Peugeot 208 Ad Appeals To Your Manhood!

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but most of the promotional material Peugeot has released so far to the new 208 are designed to appeal to men. Perhaps that’s because the 208 – at least in its five-door version – looks pretty girly and Peugeot is worried they might lose their male customers over this. The new commercial shows the contradictions between two sides of a man. One is all about fun and games, and hitting on women, and the other a complete loser. At last, the most manly side gets the other part into a 208, and everyone’s happy!


Real manly men might want to hang on for the 208 GTi though, just saying.

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