/Rimac Concept One Price Revealed: $980K

Rimac Concept One Price Revealed: $980K

Rimac Concept One Price at Rimac Concept One Price Revealed: $980K

Croatian electric super car Rimac Concept One was one of the stars of this year’s Top Marques Monaco, where the company finally announced how much it would cost each of the 88 incredibly wealthy customers to get one. The price is $980,000, which is painfully high, but then the Rimac is a pretty special car

First of all, it’s quite a looker, that much has been established since it was first revealed at 2011 IAA. Second, it’s an electric super car with a advanced powertrain that can generate Veyron kind of power using nothing but electricity. So it’s both sexy and geeky all at the same time, and fast, very fast.

These numbers have not been verified yet, but Rimac claims Concept One makes 1074 hp and a staggering 3800 Nm of torque. Together those figures propel the car from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and on to a top speed of 305 km/h. They also claim a range of 600 km, which is truly astonishing. What kind of batteries they’ve used that last that long while feeding a 1000 hungry horses we have no idea.

If this car was a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or a Pagani, it’d been sold out by now even at that price. But spending as near as makes no difference one million dollar on a car made by a Croatian start-up needs a lot of courage. Still, we wish Rimac the best of luck!

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