/New vs Old: Subaru BRZ Takes On Honda S2000

New vs Old: Subaru BRZ Takes On Honda S2000

Subaru BRZ vs honda S2000 at New vs Old: Subaru BRZ Takes On Honda S2000

Now, this is interesting. In this new video Magazine Motorsport pits the new boy in the world of Japanese sports cars – the Subaru BRZ – against the good old Honda S2000 – for years one of the best sports car in the world. And guess what? The Honda still rules! It beats the BRZ fair and square in a drag race. Granted, the S2000 has 40 more horsepower, but don’t forget it’s an old car and it’s almost certainly lost some of its horses, and it’s about 50 kilograms heavier than the BRZ.

This is further proof that BRZ and its siblings need more power. 200-hp is nowhere near enough for this type of car. This video also remind us how much we love the Honda S2000. It’s a pity they’ve killed it with no solid plans for a replacement.

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