/Chris Harris Video: Camaro ZL1 vs Shelby GT500

Chris Harris Video: Camaro ZL1 vs Shelby GT500

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Well, this sounds like a job for Mike Musto. But we’re mighty glad Drive Channel sent Chris Harris over the pond to try both the Camaro ZL1 and the Shelby GT500, and give us his verdict, as a European, about which one of these he thinks is a better muscle car. Chris Thinks the GT500 is the winner of this match, but not because it’s a better car. It is actually kinda awful, but it’s got more muscle, and that’s what you need in a muscle car showdown.

Chris begins with driving both cars around New York to see how they measure up against each other in town. The ZL1 is the winner here, because it’s more sophisticated, it has better quality, it’s more refined, and it has a better driving position. Then we head to a test track, and that’s where the GT500 and its 662-hp output comes to its own. The Shelby has a live rear axle, which is stupid and makes it a handful to drive. But exactly because it’s more challenging to drive, Chris likes it better.

Maybe the Camaro is too sophisticated for its own good!

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