/Jaguar F-Type: New Teasers Videos

Jaguar F-Type: New Teasers Videos

jaguar f type at Jaguar F Type: New Teasers Videos

Yesterday Jaguar officially confirmed they will unveil the new F-Type sports car at the Paris Motor Show. But until the they are going to tease us to death with videos and stuff. We have already seen like 10 teaser videos of the car, and guess what, they just released two new ones. And they all say the same thing: Jaguar F-Type is brilliant!

We love Jaguar and we have no doubt the car is going to be astonishing. But knock it off already with the teasers and the reveal the damn thing. It’s getting kinda old seeing the F-Type in that stupid camo livery. You have created enough hype, so just please go ahead and unveil the F-Type.

All that said, the F-Type is a car well worth the wait. An agile, lightweight, well-engineered, drop-top sports car with supercharged V6 and V8 engines, and with Jaguar badge on it, sounds like one helluva recipe. Can’t wait to see how it looks.

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