/A McLaren F1 Sells For Over £3.5 Million

A McLaren F1 Sells For Over £3.5 Million

McLaren F1 at A McLaren F1 Sells For Over £3.5 Million

It is barely 20 years old, but already McLaren F1 is making numbers in the market that supercar with triple its age can’t. A fine example of this still very young machine has been recently sold by a British dealer for over £3.5 million pounds or $5.5 million USD, making it the most expensive modern supercar.

29-year old Tom Hartley Jr is the car dealer responsible for the sale, and we bet he is still smiling because of the number on his commission check. He reckons that F1’s value would go even higher in the future, as the car gets older and becomes collectible.

Part of the F1’s appeal is its technical features such as the 690 horsepower V12 engine, and the 243 mph top speed. But more than that it is popular among collectors because it is very rare. That is what Bugatti should learn from. They are putting out a new special edition every other day, and the number of Veyrons on the road is growing way too fast for a multi-million car. A Veyron might depreciate in time, but that will never happen with an F1.

It is unlikely for the F1 to ever be crowned as the world most expensive car, maybe because Sir Stirling Moss’s $35 million Ferrari 250 GTO set the bar way too high.

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