/KTM X-BOW RR’s 7:25 Nurburgring Lap Video

KTM X-BOW RR’s 7:25 Nurburgring Lap Video

KTM X Bow at KTM X BOW RRs 7:25 Nurburgring Lap Video

KTM sent the latest RR edition of its X-BOW track car around the Nurburgring, and it managed to pop in a 7:25.72 lap record. This is a great figure for KTM to boast in the car’s publicity materials, because people who by an X-BOW are all about lap times, but don’t expect to set a similar lap time if you buy one.

The record was achieved by Christophe Haase, who in 2008 won the GT4 European Championship in the KTM X-BOW GT and is now an Audi works driver. Plus, the X-BOW RR is powered by Audi’s 2.0 liter TFSI engine, so he was kind of the man for the job.

When we are talking about the Nurburgring, anything under 7:30 is hugely respectable. But seeing as the X-BOW is a purpose-built track car, and given the fact that a 2013 Nissan GTR can lap the ‘Ring in roughly the same time, It might not sound like a big achievement. Still, it is much better than the previous fastest KTM lap record, which was 8:10 set in 2009.

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