/Ferrari F150 – First Official Details

Ferrari F150 – First Official Details

Ferrari F150 Prototype 1 545x287 at Ferrari F150   First Official Details

Following the first teaser shots, now Ferrari shares the first official details of their all-new hyper car, which is by the way called F150, not F70. Here are the headlines: The F150 features a V12 HY-KERS engine and dual-clutch gearbox, it has an incredibly clever packaging with a structure made from four different types of carbon-fibre, and it is lighter, stiffer, and faster than the Enzo.

The engine in this car is a derivative of the 740 CV 6.3-litre V12 used in the F12berlinetta, boosted with latest evolution of Ferrari’s HY-KERS electric hybrid system. Final numbers are yet to be confirmed, but power output is almost certainly more than 800 horsepower.

The HY-KERS system has as dual purpose in the F150. It is mainly a performance enhancer – making the V12 10 percent faster to 200 km/h than a non-KERS version – and also a way to lower the CO2 emissions. The system cuts the emissions by as much as 40 per cent.

As with other modern Ferraris, the F150 will be packed with electronic features. You get the torque vectoring system, traction control and brake force distribution, in addition to all the computers that control the chassis. This results in another responsibility for KERS: to direct the kinetic energy to charge the batteries.

Ferrari engineers were so obsessed with perfect weight distribution in this car that they decided to adopt a fixed seat, which will be made to measure for the car’s owner. It does, however, come with an adjustable pedal box and steering wheel.

Ferrari F150 Prototype 2 545x284 at Ferrari F150   First Official Details

Flavio Manzoni, Design Director: ‘I wanted a front end still inspired by F1, but not the same, so how to do it? Of course it’s not easy, but this is the most exciting project in the world! It was natural to create proposals, among which was to choose the most iconic, but at the same time futuristic and corresponding to the technical and aerodynamic requirements of the front end. There’s no comparison. This is the pinnacle of everything, of the aesthetics and technology of Ferrari. This always had to be a masterpiece.’ 

Roberto Fedeli, Technical Director: ‘The most important car is always the next one, and the F150 will be the Ferrari with the greatest transfer between F1 and a road car that we ever did. We are trying to anticipate the future with this car. We are trying hard to achieve the technical limit of every single component we are using, and also the packaging of the car as a whole. We are building a car close to the limits of technology, but we will only have succeeded if you can feel the result. The real objective of a special Ferrari is feeling, feeling, feeling.’

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