/Mosler RaptorGTR Suicide1212 Marks End of the World!

Mosler RaptorGTR Suicide1212 Marks End of the World!

raptorgtr 1212 at Mosler RaptorGTR Suicide1212 Marks End of the World!

If the Mayans, and the Hollywood, are to be believed, the world will end on 21.12.12. Now, exotic car maker Mosler decided to mark this rather significant event – and also the fact that they are going out of business – with an upgraded version of the RaptorGTR with 1,212 horsepower. They call it the Suicide1212.

That’s a relevant name then. Mosler is closing its doors and kind of committing suicide with this model, the ultimate RaptorGTR. We are actually more sad about Mosler dying than the world coming to an end. They made some glorious race cars back in the day and achieved remarkable success at various European GT racing series.

The RaptorGTR Suicide1212 is limited to only 1 unit. With its 1,212 horsepower engine it can go from 0 to 60 mph in 2.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 263 mph. With that kind of performance you’d expect it to be a million dollar car, but it isn’t. It costs only $700,000. Cheap, eh?

Good bye Mosler. See you on the other side!

Update: We received the following words from Mr. Warren Mosler about this car: “This release is not from Mosler Automotive. It’s an independent effort of Todd Wagner.

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