/Production Gumpert Tornante Revealed In Leaked Patents

Production Gumpert Tornante Revealed In Leaked Patents

Production Gumpert Tornante 0 at Production Gumpert Tornante Revealed In Leaked Patents

Now that German sports car maker Gumpert has a new optimistic investor, they can continue with their plans to produce the Tornante; a car that after the brilliant but ugly Apollo, is supposed to attract new customers to the brand. They need to get it out soon, though, and get the money rolling in, or they may lose another lifeline.

Fortunately Gumpert is hard at work preparing the Tornante for launch, on the evidence of these patent images that have found their way to the web. It is the actual production version of the car, and it’s been revised compared to the original concept car, shown at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show.

The Production Gumpert Tornante has a whole new rear-end compared to the concept version, with redesigned taillights and exhaust pipes, as well as the engine cover. The concept car had a split rear window, but the production model doesn’t bother with that and instead gets a louvered hood. The front-end is pretty much identical to the concept, apart form the grille, which has become smaller.

Details are scarce at the moment about the Tornante’s powertrain, but the concept car had a 700 hp 4.2 liter Audi bi-turbo V8.

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