/NAIAS 2013: Chrysler 300S Turbine Edition

NAIAS 2013: Chrysler 300S Turbine Edition

Chrysler 300S Turbine Edition 1 545x321 at NAIAS 2013: Chrysler 300S Turbine Edition

As an homage to the original Chrysler Turbine that was built 50 years ago in 1963, Chrysler design team decided to make the 300S Turbine Edition. They tried to recreate as many of the Turbine details as possible on the 300.

So the car features a matte bronze paint job with a gloss black roof, and turbine design 22-inch wheels. Furthermore, the lights are smoked all around, and there some extravaganza chrome work on the grille, in the bumpers, and on the side mirrors.


The looks may suggest Turbine, but underneath it is just a Chrysler 300. They couldn’t make a new turbine engine for this show car, mainly because it would cost an awful lot of money. The original car was the first vehicle to feature a gas turbine engine, but it didn’t really catch on and the whole project was eventually terminated in the 70s.

Chrysler 300S Turbine Edition is a one-off car. Currently there is no plan to make it as a new special edition.

Chrysler 300S Turbine Edition 2 545x323 at NAIAS 2013: Chrysler 300S Turbine Edition

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