/Rendering: New Cadillac Escalade

Rendering: New Cadillac Escalade

Escalade Render 2 545x327 at Rendering: New Cadillac Escalade

It is about time for Cadillac to come up with a new Escalade, and this is what auto artist Theophilus Chin thinks it might look like. The Escalade is an icon, and stuff that made it iconic, i.e. sheer size and large wheels, should never change.

That said, this looks a bit too large even by Escalde standards. It kinda reminds us of the old Ford Excursion. It does have the swagger and style of a proper Escalade, though. And those large fenders, while they might not look right, they are like this so you can fit 30-inch wheels with peace of mind!

We’ll keep and eye out and let you know when the real Escalade appeared on the radar.

Escalade Render 1 545x327 at Rendering: New Cadillac Escalade

Theophilus Chin


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