/Dodge Charger “Defiance” Revealed in Chicago

Dodge Charger “Defiance” Revealed in Chicago

Defiance Dodge Charger 545x363 at Dodge Charger Defiance Revealed in Chicago

So GM is not the only car maker who fancies a bit of Hollywood action. Chrysler is also making a career out of supporting a motion picture by creating the Dodge Charger “Defiance” for a TV series with the same name for the SyFy channel.

The Defiance Charger looks apocalypse-ready, and that’s because the theme of the show is about some aliens attacking America. We never understood why in films and TV series aliens only attack America like the rest of the world doesn’t exist. But hey, if they can beat the U.S., they can easily take over the rest of the world.

The car looks pretty cool, though, with its blend of rust and protective steel tubes that make it perfect for running over some aliens or zombies or what have you. The best part are those chunky offroad tires that give this muscle car a go-anywhere ability. Fantastic.


Defiance, starring Julie Benz, will debut on SyFy channel in April and will be followed by an online multi-player video game. Not sure if they are going to let you drive this Charger in the game, but it could be a big selling point.

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