/New Corvette’s ‘Smart Material’ Solution Explained

New Corvette’s ‘Smart Material’ Solution Explained

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As you know, the 2014 Corvette Stingray is an all-new product, sharing only two parts with the previous version. It is also much more advanced technologically than the old generation. Technologies that make a much better car; faster, more economical, and more fun. Among all the new and amazing things about the Stingray, its ‘Smart Material’ solution kinda stands out.

Chevrolet engineers came up with this method to get around an old problem without adding weight. They wanted to solve the issue with closing the rear hatch in the old models, caused by trapped air in the trunk that made it hard to close the lid.

To solve that problem they developed a lightweight shape memory alloy wire that opens the hatch vent whenever the deck lid is opened releasing the air. This part takes the place of a heavier motorized actuator.

Smart materials like shape memory alloys offer new possibilities for many movable vehicle features,” said Jon Lauckner, GM’s chief technology officer. “These new materials enable innovative designs and new and improved features at a lower cost than traditional motors and actuators.”

“The shape memory alloy used on the new Corvette represents nearly five years of research and development work on smart materials for which GM has earned 247 patents,” said Paul Alexander, GM smart materials and structures researcher. “And it is just the beginning. We have many more smart material applications in the pipeline that will bring even more improvements to our vehicles going forward.”


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