/Brand-New McLaren F1 with Zero Miles Up for Grabs

Brand-New McLaren F1 with Zero Miles Up for Grabs

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Contrary to what may seem at first, it is not the love of cars and speed that make millionaires buy expensive super cars. Many of them buy these cars purely as an investment. This yellow 1996 McLaren F1 is a classic point in case. The Japanese owner of this F1 has never ever used it. And it’s now offered for sale.

So the car is 17 years old, but the reports are true, it has zero miles on the clock and is in pristine condition. Sure, you may need to give it a thorough service to make sure none of the delicate parts are damaged from sitting in the garage for too long, but still a brand spanking new F1 is quite a catch.

Last year a UK dealer sold a used McLaren F1 for £3.5 Million ($5.5 million), so the owner of this model probably won’t let it go for anything less than that. The car also has a unique color that boosts its appeal.

Buying rare supercars as an investment makes perfect sense. But still, we can’t get our head around the fact that this guy has a 690-horsepower F1 in his garage ad never used it. It’s like you marry Cameron Diaz and never have sex with her.

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