/Chevrolet Malibu Now Available with “Passive Entry” System

Chevrolet Malibu Now Available with “Passive Entry” System

MalibuPassiveEntry01 medium 600x337 at Chevrolet Malibu Now Available with Passive Entry System

Chevrolet Malibu is now getting… wait for it… a keyless entry system! And Chevy is boasting about this. The “Passive Entry” technology, as they refer to it, is offered as standard feature on even the cheapest, most basic European, Japanese, and Korean cars. But Chevy’s first global mid-size sedan is only starting to enjoy it.

It’s not any old keyless entry system, mind you. The Passive Entry comes with small buttons on all four doors allowing the driver to unlock the door with one press and all four doors and the trunk with two presses. Fancy!

Chevy says their engineers did some tests and came to conclusion that they should go for the buttons instead of a fully-automatic system that unlocks the doors upon approaching the vehicle. They realized that on their own and the fact that every other car in the world uses buttons for this system has nothing to do with it.

“This system truly keeps the driver in full control of the car,” said Ron Asmar, lead engineer for vehicle access. “We investigated fully passive systems where the key fob would automatically unlock the door when a person was within a certain distance, and decided against it. We wanted to make sure that the system prevented the car from unlocking just because the person and fob were close to it, such as when walking through the garage to take the garbage out.”

Four-door passive entry system will be available as an option on the 2013 Malibu LTZ. They keep going at this pace, maybe next year Chevrolet invents the push button start system.

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