/BBR Power Upgrade For Diesel-Powered Mazda Models

BBR Power Upgrade For Diesel-Powered Mazda Models

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The new generation of Mazda cars benefit form a range of SKYACTIV technologies that make them more powerful and more efficient. Now to try and give your old Mazda a fresh breath of life, British-tuner BBR released a thorough power upgrade package for the 2.0 and 2.2 liter diesel engines. Think of it as an alternative to SKYACTIV.

Those turbodiesel engines power a wide range of Mazda models from 2006 onwards – pretty much all of them including the Mazda3, 5, 6, and the CX-7. In the Stage One of the tuning program, BBR does an ECU remap, which they say deliver ‘MPS style’ performance whilst retaining turbodiesel fuel economy.

It result in a significant gain of 38 bhp (to a total of 219 bhp) and 68 lb.ft (maximum of 378 lb.ft) on the 185 PS version of the 2.2 engine. The 150 PS version gets an even bigger boost of 41 bhp / 60 lb.ft torque. They cost £499 and £599 respectively.

Stage Two adds a direct replacement ‘hybrid’ turbocharger with modified internals for additional gasflow potential, plus includes a high flowing panel air filter with additional ECU remapping. As a result it delivers in a 62 bhp / 82 lb.ft torque gain, bringing the total output of the 180 PS engine to 243 bhp and 392 lb.ft of torque. This treatment will set you back £1499.

A range of chassis upgrades are also available, including Mazda3 MPS spring set and BBR Mazda 3 Koni top adjustable dampers.


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