/Bulleta RF22: New American Sportcar Based On Lotus Evora

Bulleta RF22: New American Sportcar Based On Lotus Evora

Bulleta RF22 5 600x370 at Bulleta RF22: New American Sportcar Based On Lotus Evora

American car makers, as you know, are great with engines, and generally making a car go fast in straight line. But when it comes to sorting out the chassis and handling, they are stumped. So they tend to buy the chassis from the Brits, who are the best in this field, and there is one company they all invariably go to: Lotus.

Tesla used Lotus chassis for their Roadster, Hennessey for their Venom hypercar, Detroit Electric for their sporty EV, and now there is a new Californian auto maker called Bulleta who is going to launch a new sports car based on the Lotus Evora.

It’s called the Bulleta RF22, and while, judging by the pictures, its looks won’t set you trousers on fire, it appears to be a serious bit of kit underneath. That is because it also gets the same powertrain as the Evora, although boosted to 505 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque. using a six-speed gearbox, the Bulleta RF22 can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds.

They have apparently called it the F22 because they designed it to look like an F22 Raptor fighter jet. Not sure about that, but the car does look alright. And with those specs, it should be pretty fun to drive as well. Options include carbon fiber body panels, carbon ceramic discs, and 20-inch wheels.

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