/IAA 2013: Rolls-Royce Celestial Phantom

IAA 2013: Rolls-Royce Celestial Phantom

Rolls Royce Celestial Phantom 1 600x337 at IAA 2013: Rolls Royce Celestial Phantom

There is no denying that Rolls-Royce cars are extraordinary vehicles, but to call them celestial is a bit of a stretch. Still, they went ahead and unveiled the Rolls-Royce Celestial Phantom at this year’s Frank Motor Show. The next model will probably be called the Divine Phantom!

 The one-off Phantom Celestial features a paint work that evokes the the night sky. The special effect is achieved by integrating fine glass particles into the paint, which gives a sense of depth. The celestial theme continues inside with a Starlight Headliner, a Bespoke feature with over a thousand fibre optic lights hand-woven into the Celestial Phantom’s headlining.

Rolls Royce Celestial Phantom 2 600x400 at IAA 2013: Rolls Royce Celestial Phantom

And don’t think they just put some lights in the headliner randomly and with no logic. The night-sky constellation arrangement was verified by the South Downs Planetarium to ensure authenticity, whilst the reflection of the ‘stars’ in the surface of the rear drinks compartment lid was meticulously planned and designed. With features like this no one’s going to notice the fine leather with ‘Dusk’ hue, the Bespoke glassware and an exquisitely appointed picnic set, or the illuminated Spirit of Ecstasy figurine.

This Rolls-Royce Celestial Phantom has already been sold, but if you like the night sky theme, we’re sure RR will be more than happy to make another one, after your check cleared.


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